Tall Yellow / Black / White Mixed Media Wall Decoration "Sunflower"

4 500 kr

An illustration of a yellow sunflower created in mixed materials. Not exactly life size, but with its 44 cm it is hard to miss. Swedish based textile artist Carina Marklund creates her unique wall pieces with a mix of techniques - hand embroidery, machine embroidery and appliqué. Carina draws her inspiration from Nature. The Sunflower is mounted on a 5 mm thick card board with a small hook on the back for easy hanging. It could also be nice in a box frame. This one-of-a-kind wall piece will stand out on your wall and this three-dimensional art piece will make your other wall hung pieces stand out. 

Size (height x width): 44 cm (17.3 inches) 19.5 cm (7.6 inches)

Material: textile and paper

Care: frame the sunflower in a box frame to protect it from dust.

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