Throwing tool Texture 1 / Drejverktyg 1

130 kr

Size (approximately): 

8 x 8 cm (3.25 x 3.25 inches)

Material: cherry wood

These beautiful handmade tools from Garrity Tools are some of our favourites when throwing. We’ve used them daily for several years and they just get better. Comfortable to hold and easy to work with.

How to use and care for Texture 1

Texture 1 helps you create small and medium waves on your project's walls or pointed curves depending on what side of this tool you use. Each side of Texture 1 provides a different pattern that allows you to make a unique yet consistent texture on your vessel or slab and develop new forms in your work.
Garrity tools are made of water-resistant hardwoods which do most of the work for you, but be careful anyway not to leave the tool in water or slip when you´re not using it.

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