Natural Grey Alpaca Half Finger Mittens with Lid One Size

Natural Grey Alpaca Half Finger Mittens with Lid One Size

420 kr

Warm and soft knitted finger mittens with a lid that can be put on or fastened on the back of the hand. The mittens are made in a soft grey alpaca yarn by knitters in a cooperative outside La Paz, Bolivia. For this garment the women use hand knitting machines.

Chaleca is a small Swedish company that explore traditional timeless cuts and make it into classic and sustainable knitwear. “We believe that making a top quality garment requires skills, craftsmanship and finest raw material. When we started Chaleca 2012 one source of inspiration was the business model of the Swedish company Bohus Knitting. Through exclusively designed, hand knitted circle knitted collar cardigans, the company enabled women to earn an income during the great depression and onwards (1939-1969) in Bohuslän at the Swedish west coast. Our knitwear is designed in Sweden and knitted by women in Bolivia. Through Chaleca we hope to contribute a small share to their empowerment and expanded opportunities.”

Size: One size

Material: The garment is made from 100% Bolivian alpaca wool known for its lightweight, strength and warmth. Alpaca wool is also famous for not itching or causing allergies. The alpacas graze freely and the suppliers of the fibre only use the hand shearing technique of taking the fibre from the animals. The yarn is spun at a small local spinning mill that uses eco-friendly processes.

Care instructions: As with all knitted wool garments, the rule of thumb is to avoid washing them frequently. They will last longer if you spot clean and air them. The humidity in the air helps the fibres to recapture its resistance to dirt and odour. When you do wash your garment, we recommend hand wash or machine wash at 30°C with no spin. Only use mild wool detergents and dry flat on a towel.