Small Decorative Ceramic Vase / Sculpture

Small Decorative Ceramic Vase / Sculpture

880 kr

Small hand built organically rounded ceramic vase, made by a technique called pinching. Painted with coloured slip and with a carved pattern, the vase is carefully assembelled in three parts. Glazed in an opaque glaze, it will look lovely with a small flower or cutting.

Designer / maker: swedish ceramicist Karin Eriksson. Karin is the founder of manos and she has her ceramics studio at the back of the shop. This is where she makes her ceramics by throwing, coiling, slab rolling or pinching. The materials Karin use, stoneware and porcelain, are high fired and durable. The goods is sometimes decorated with decals or engobes. Karin Eriksson has a BA (hons) in ceramic design from Central St Martins University of Art and Design in London.

Size (H x W): 15 x 9 cm.

Material: high fired white stoneware clay.

Care: wash in the dishwasher or by hand