White Ceramic Votive Candle Holder "Straw" Pattern

White Ceramic Votive Candle Holder "Straw" Pattern

275 kr

Cast thinly in bone china, a translucent material that makes the holders glow when a little candle burns inside. Bone china is a very strong material so even though it’s really thin, the candle holder is actually very strong.The image is screen printed with porcelain paint and fired into the ceramic surface. Designed by swedish ceramic designer Karin Eriksson and made in the UK. The "Straw" pattern is drawn by calligrapher Marianne Pettersson Soold.

Size (h x w): 6 x 5 cm (2.4 x 2 inches).

Material: bone china

Care: The votive holder should be washed with hot water and washing up liquid.

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